It’s Not Easy Being MEan

It’s not easy being MEan” is a series of 5 illustrations that show where the most infamous hollywood monsters of the past are now. Forgotten and jaded by their contemporary counterparts, they stumble through their everyday geriatric lives .

Carl Gillman, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, has relocated to a cozy retirement community in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he spends his days downing Bloody Marys and the occasional blue-haired guest.

Willard Wolfman, the Werewolf, resides in Hollywood, California where he still finds work doing bit parts in movies and nature documentaries. Unfortunately, the pay is not substantial enough to cover his hair care expenses.

Francis, Frankenstein’s estranged Monster, moved to dreary Seattle, Washington and opened a second-hand bookstore where he spends his days re-reading Paradise Lost, obscure poetry, and regency romance. He hates fires, windmills and complicated healthcare applications.

Manny, the Mummy, who now works as a bumbling mortician’s assistant in Cairo, Oklahoma, spends his days looking for love in all the wrong places, namely the cemetery across the street and when the pickings are thin, he heads to the town square dance held at the local music hall.

Count Dracula, who goes by Vlad Doomsly these days since he lost his title, has packed his coffin and moved west to sunny Santa Monica, California. With the aid of a lifetime supply of SPF-5000 sunscreen he acquired thru his last starring role in an infomercial, he spends his time reliving his glory days by attempting to scare the elderly, small children and kittens, quite unsuccessfully we must add.


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