8-Bit UHF Characters

“Weird Al” Yankovic’s 80’s movie UHF has a slew of interesting characters. I always wanted to draw them all but the task was too large of an undertaking. Then I came up with the idea of creating them all in the fitting 8-bit computer/video game style, which began in the early 80’s. I also created a few animated gifs of some of my favorite scenes.

Here are the characters (Right to left, top to bottom):

  1. Dog in the Punch Bowl (?)
  2. George Newman/Burger World (“Weird Al” Yankovic)
  3. Teri (Victoria Jackson)
  4. Stanley Spadowski (Michael Richards)
  5. Pamela Finklstein (Fran Drescher)
  6. Noodle MacIntosh (Billy Barty)
  7. Philo (Anthony Geary)
  8. Philo in his Zarquonian Form (Anthony Geary)
  9. Bob (David Bowe)
  10. Cameraman (Lou B. Washington)
  11. Uncle Harvey (Stanley Brock)
  12. Aunt Esther (Sue Ane Langdon)
  13. R.J. Fletcher (Kevin McCarthy)
  14. Fletcher Cronie #2 (Kevin Roden)
  15. Richard Fletcher (John Paragon)
  16. Fletcher Cronie #1 (Barry Friedman)
  17. Little Old Lady (Wilma Jeanne Cummins)
  18. Big Edna (Nancy Johnson)
  19. Bum (Vance Colvig Jr.)
  20. Blind Man (Francis M. Carlson)
  21. Kuni (Gedde Watanabe)
  22. Phyllis Weaver (Lisa R. Stefanic)
  23. Animal Deliveryman (Cliff Stephens)
  24. Raul Hernandez (Trinidad Silva)
  25. Crazy Ernie (John Cadenhead)
  26. Joel Miller (Adam Maras)
  27. Whipped Cream Eater as Dr. Demento (Barry Hansen)
  28. Billy (Travis Knight)
  29. Gandhi (Jay Levey)
  30. Timid Man (Robert Frank)
  31. Conan the Librarian (Roger Callard)
  32. Boy with Books (Jeff Maynard)
  33. Mud Wrestler (Belinda Bauer)
  34. Gorbachev (Herbert Glucksman)
  35. Mud Wrestler (Lori Wagner)
  36. Spatula Husband (Eldon G. Hallum)
  37. Sy Greenblum (Bob Hungerford)
  38. Joe Earley (Emo Phillips)
  39. Disco Dancer (Gary Sievers)
  40. Mike & Spike (? & ?)
  41. Earl Ramsey (Ivan Green)
  42. The Kipper Kids (Brian Routh & Martin von Haselberg)
  43. Guide #1 (Tony Salome)
  44. George Newman/Indiana Jones (“Weird Al” Yankovic)
  45. Bob/Bobo the Clown (David Bowe)
  46. George Newman/Uncle Nutsy (“Weird Al” Yankovic)
  47. Satan (Patrick Thomas O’Brien)
  48. George Newman/Town Talk with George (“Weird Al” Yankovic)
  49. Bartender (Robert K. Weiss)
  50. George Newman/Rambo (“Weird Al” Yankovic)
  51. Head Thug (David Proval)
  52. Killer Thug (Grant James)
  53. Thug #4 (George Fisher)
  54. Thug #3 (Bob Maras)
  55. Yodeler (Charles Marsh)
  56. George Newman/Band Singer (“Weird Al” Yankovic)
  57. Band: Bass Guitar (Steve Jay)
  58. Band: Guitar (Jim West)
  59. Band: Drums (Jon Schwartz)
  60. Band: Keyboard (Kim Bullard)

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