J.J. Cale: Call Me The Breeze

About Art in Transit

Local artists have a new vehicle to express their creativity—city buses to be exact. Tulsa Transit and AcrobatAnt, a local advertising agency, have teamed up to spotlight creativity and boost ridership with their Art in Transit contest. Art in Transit promotes art and artists of all types by making their creations moving, working parts of the urban environment. Putting art in unexpected places, like buses, is a great way to beautify Tulsa’s landscape and display our city’s artistic horsepower.

Call Me The Breeze Design

My design entry, titled “Call Me The Breeze,” was created from the work and life of Oklahoma artist, J.J. Cale. My bus design did not win the first year I submitted it but the bus shelter and bus stop bench won this year.


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  1. John says:

    Nice work of JJ, can these be purchased

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